Welcome MIT Random Hall Students

Olympia Moving & Storage is the partner of the MIT Random Hall summer storage program.

Olympia Moving & Storage offers local, interstate, and international moving as well as boxes and packing supplies. Since 1993 we have built an exceptional reputation as one of Boston’s premier moving companies.

This year, we are offering MIT Random Hall students an easier way to move. We know students have to deal with the hassle of moving and storing their stuff almost every summer and winter break, so we’re bringing moving and storage to you. Even better, MIT is offering you this service for FREE!

5 Easy Steps
Pick-Up Dates
FREE Packing Supplies Kit
Summer Storage Request Form
Storage Access Request Form
Contact Form For Questions
Packing Tips

5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fill out the easy form below to request free pickup and storage.
Step 2: Pick up a free packing supply kit from your dorm manager.
Step 3: Pack up all your belongings.
Step 4: During our pick-up hours (listed below) bring your stuff to the Olympia crew posted right in front of Random Hall. Boxes, bikes, TV’s, fridges, rugs, luggage, beds, futons, we’ll store it all! We’ll process and bring everything to our secure warehouse.
Step 5: When you walk into your dorm room at the beginning of the next semester, your belongings will already be there waiting for you!

Pick-Up Dates

Our friendly Olympia crew will assist with the pick-up of your belongings in front of Random Hall on the following dates:

Please bring all your belongings to the pick-up site together at one time in order to ensure proper tracking

(10:00 AM – 4:00 PM each day)

Wednesday, May 22
Thursday, May 23
Friday, May 24
Saturday, May 25

FREE Packing Supplies Kit

You can pick up your packing supplies kit from your dorm manager
7 Boxes (4.5 cubic feet each, 24x18x18, double walled)
1 Roll packing tape
10 Box labels
3 Zip ties
Paper for packing fragiles will be provided on each floor

Summer Storage Request Form

Fill out the form below to request summer storage pickup

Your First & Last Name

Your Email

Your Phone number

Current Dorm Room Address

Fall 2013 Dorm Room Address

Items You're Storing With Us
(# of boxes, list of furniture and miscellaneous items)

Storage Access Request Form

An appointment made 24 hours in advance is required for storage access. Storage access appointments are available Monday-Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Saturday between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Your First & Last Name

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Requested Access Appointment Date & Time


Your Name

Your Email

Your Question

Packing Tips

Protect the Contents

Consider the following suggestions when packing your boxes:

  • When possible, use the original boxes to pack electronics.
  • Use Bubble Wrap, blankets, towels, newspaper, or clothes to pack fragile items such as picture frames, mugs, alarm clocks, etc. Packing paper has been supplied for each floor.
  • Check that boxes are secure enough so that they can’t move around inside. Use linens or newspaper to fill open spaces.

What Not to Pack
There are some things you should not store with Olympia because we don’t insure them against loss or damage:

  • Jewelry, coins, cash, and collectibles.
  • Items of intangible or extraordinary value.
  • Extremely fragile items (e.g. mirrors).
  • Improperly packed or wrapped items.

Constructing Boxes
Take care constructing and sealing your boxes. We suggest the use of 2-3 inch wide pressure sensitive plastic tape. You will need three strips of tape for both the top and the bottom of the box. Do not use masking tape or string. A roll of packing tape is included with our supply kit.

Distribute Weight
To avoid breaking boxes (and your back!), we suggest that separating your heavy items into multiple boxes.

  • Don’t put all of your books in the same box.
  • Mix books with lighter items such as clothes and linens.
  • Pack heavier objects closer to the center of the box
  • Thoughtful packing will reduce the risk of damage and save you money.

Carpets & Rugs
Tightly roll carpets and rugs, secure with tape along three points, and cover in plastic to keep them dust-free.

Separate the shelves from the frame, and tape them together. Store any loose hardware in one of your boxes.

File Cabinets & Desks
Tape drawers closed, and cover the finished surfaces with plastic or cardboard to prevent minor scratches. Store any loose hardware in one of your boxes.

Unplug your fridge TWO DAYS before move out. Make sure your fridge is completely defrosted and dry at the time of pickup. Secure loose items inside. Tape the door shut. Bundle and tape the power cord to the back of the fridge, behind the cooling coils, so it is not “dangling” on the ground.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse pickup of refrigerators that have not been unplugged for a minimum of two days prior to pickup. These refrigerators can potentially cause mold and mildew damage to boxed items belonging to other customers.

Trunks & Luggage
Make sure that these items are locked or securely taped to prevent the contents from spilling.

Label Your Boxes Clearly
Our storage label is self-adhesive and must be affixed to all your storage items, including your furniture
The following information must be recorded on the storage labels:

  • Your full name
  • Your Room assignment for the fall of 2013 Semester
  • The quantity of items you are storing ex. 2 of 7, 3 of 7 etc…

Affix the label on the top-left face of the box. In addition to the label, write your name and cell number with a heavy marker on at least one side and the top. For items other than boxes, make sure the label is secure and visible.