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Olympia Moving and Storage offers a professional packing and unpacking service. If you choose to pack yourself, you can order custom moving materials from Olympia Moving and Storage. These materials can be picked up from our office, or we can arrange a delivery.

Labeling your office for relocation

Properly labeling your office is an important step in preparing for your move. If you choose to do the packing yourself, your Relocation Consultant will assist you in devising a comprehensive labeling system.

  1. Use color-coded labels. If your office has multiple departments, sections or floors, use different colors for each.
  2. Make a diagram of each room and/or cubicle at your new office and assign a unique number to each. Display this diagram in the entranceway of your new office. The diagram will provide the movers with visual directions as they place the furniture throughout the office.
  3. Mark each label with a unique item number and its destination including floor, room, and piece number for placement at your new office.
  4. Items not to be moved should be clearly marked: DO NOT MOVE.
  5. If an item has multiple pieces (such as a desk with a return) label all pieces.

These additional packing tips will help to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Label boxes carefully. Clearly label the top and two adjacent sides with your last name, the name of the room, and the contents of the container. If you pack a fragile item into a box, please mark the box accordingly. You should pack similar items together.
  2. Use sturdy boxes. If you pack items in used boxes, select only boxes that are strong and uniform in size and shape. Cross out any old markings. Do not use any boxes that will not withstand stacking.
  3. Tape both the top and bottom of each box with at least two strips across the seam. Always use plastic packing tape.

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