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Moving your petMoving is stressful for everyone; including your pet. For obvious reasons, moving companies cannot move animals inside the truck; however they can arrange to ship your pets through specialized pet relocation companies. Following are some tips for how to keep your pet happy and healthy during the transition.

1.  Make sure pets are allowed in your new residence. Some landlords, apartment buildings, condominiums, and communities do not allow pets. If you are moving to a new state, it is a good idea to look into pet regulations with the state’s department of agriculture.

2.  Update your pet’s ID tags. Before your move, get an ID tag made with your new address and contact information and have your pet wear both tags in the time leading up to your move.

3.  On moving day it is a good idea to leave your pet with a friend, relative, or neighbor while the crew packs and loads the truck. The addition of many strange people can be confusing and stressful for your pet, and you don’t want your pet getting in the way and adding time and cost to your move.

4.  If you’re driving a long distance to your new home, check beforehand to make sure the hotels you will be staying at allow pets. Pack plenty of food, water, blankets, and toys for your pet. Stop often to exercise your pet and provide bathroom breaks. If your pet is not used to car travel, take it along for some errands before the road trip.

5.  Flying with a pet can be complicated. Make sure you have the proper crates, supplies, pet records, and make sure you get to the airport early. Check out the FAA’s information on flying with pets, as well as your specific airline’s.

6.  Keep in mind that adjusting to a new residence can be stressful for your pet. Your dog or cat may be more likely to run away during this time, so be sure to always keep them on a leash outside your house until they are comfortable. Check your new yard to make sure it is safe and secure for your pet. Make the environment familiar by setting up a habitat that closely matches your old home.

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