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The difference between a good relocation experience and a bad one can usually be summed up in one word: preparation. This is especially true for local (hourly) moves, in which a lack of preparation can lead to significant cost overruns. Following are some suggestions to ensure that you are fully prepared on the day of your move.

  1. Packing: If you are completing all or part of your packing (in lieu of an Olympia packing crew) make sure that you complete all of the packing that you committed to.
  2. Labeling: Label the top and two adjacent sides of each box that you pack. Include your name, the room that the items will be going into (or coming from) and the contents.
  3. De-Clutter: The more organized your residence, the easier it will be for the moving crew to access your goods. It is important to note that the truck will be loaded in “tiers” with larger or heavier items on the bottom. By stacking your furniture and boxes around the periphery of the room you will provide the best access to all items; thereby saving both time and money.
  4. Plan for Delivery: Draw a map as to where you want your furniture placed in your new residence. This will make the delivery process much smoother and will help you to provide adequate instruction to the moving crew.
  5. Focus on Preparation: One of the most frequent mistakes is to do multiple trips to your new home with carloads full of assorted items. Keep in mind that whether your move is being billed by weight or by the hour, whatever you can transport in your car will make little difference in the overall cost (and usually comes at the expense of proper preparation).
  6. Avoid Surprises: Nobody wants surprises on moving day. Clearly communicate any changes in the nature or scope of your job to the relocation company.
  7. Purge: If you have not used something in years, do you really want to pay to have it moved? Consider donating furniture and if you don’t need those old magazines…deposit them in the recycling bin.
  8. Think Ahead: Set aside keys, jewelry and smaller items that you are taking with you so that they do not get packed inadvertently.
  9. Understand your Coverage Options: The basic mandated coverage at no additional cost is “60 cents per pound per article”. Contact your move coordinator to review liability options and make a selection prior to your moving date. More information related to your coverage options can be obtained by clicking here.
  10. Know your Rights as a Customer: You can access the “Your Rights and Responsibilities” handbook by clicking here

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