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Countdown to a successful move

All International relocations include professional packing services, the loading and unloading of your container and delivery from residence to residence. If you have additional questions concerning the pre-move preparation, or the relocation process, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

4 weeks before your move
•    Order packing supplies from OMS using form on page 3, and schedule their delivery.
•    Clean out closets, attic, and basement areas; call to have unwanted items picked up or thrown out.
•    Organize a yard sale.
•    Confirm your move date, if not already done.

3 weeks before your move
•    Start packing items not used regularly, such as china, out-of-season clothing, and items in the basement and attic.
•    Check with children’s school to see if records are needed for new school.
•    Schedule new service with phone company the day before move; schedule disconnects the day after.
•    Schedule/disconnect cable service. Notify utility companies (gas, oil, water/sewer, electric, cable TV) of move.
2 weeks before your move
•    Start packing books, excess kitchen items, toys, closets.
•    Fill out change of address forms at local post office.
•    Notify banks and all financial account of change of address; order new checks.
•    Finalize times of closings with real estate office/attorney.
•    Secure parking permits needed, and secure building elevators if needed.
•    Pick a liability option and notify your Olympia agent of your selection.

1 week before your move
•    Finish packing all household items.
•    Reconfirm all notification calls made during Week 3.
•    Have children involved in packing their own rooms.
•    Confirm move date if not already done, and reconfirm all details of closing.
•    Call Olympia with phone numbers to new address.

Last minute details
•    Finish packing last minute items.
•    Take a walk through house to make sure no items are left behind after move.
•    Have payment ready.

International planning calendar (PDF)

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