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Hiring, Training & Retaining Great People

At Olympia Moving & Storage, we understand that each and every employee we hire is a reflection of who we are.  We look for movers who are good communicators, accountable for their actions, and interested in becoming leaders within the organization.

MoversAfter making it through the interview process, new employees are put through a rigorous two week training program.  This program focuses on both classroom exercises and technical training.  During this time, crew members learn everything from the proper technique for protecting an antique piece of furniture to customer service skills.

Upon graduation, new crew members are paired with more experienced personnel, so their development can continue in the field.  The expectation is that these employees will become capable of managing their own crews in time.

Job visits are completed by Olympia’s staff in order to gauge client satisfaction and ensure the consistency of the service we are providing.  Monthly claims reports and client satisfaction surveys inform the ongoing training and act as an objective measure of performance.  These numbers also provide the basis for selecting the employee of the month in each office location.

Every year Olympia makes a significant investment in its personnel; an investment that has paid significant dividends for our clients.  We are extremely proud of the service we provide and the people that make this a great company to work for.

For information on joining the Olympia Team, please contact Josh Croteau at: 617-231-1229 or jcroteau@olympiamoving.com

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  1. Cassy Says:

    There’s no doubt about it because the quality of services Olympia Moving provide is over the top. My cousin had a great experience upon moving with you guys.

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