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Employee Referral Program

We need help, and you know who we’re looking for!  This is a great opportunity to earn some extra money!


Who is Eligible?

All current, fulltime and parttime regular employees are eligible for referral award incentives except for those managers and supervisory personnel who possess direct responsibility for filling a position within their span of control.

Who Qualifies as a Referral?

Once an eligible employee has identified a qualified candidate for a posted position, he or she will complete a referral form and submit it to the HR Department.

Upon receipt of the referral form, the HR Department will date-stamp the form and verify that no one else has referred this candidate for this position.

A referral is only valid for the originally submitted open position. Employees must submit additional referral form(s) to be eligible to receive an incentive award for different position(s).

An award will not be given to an employee for an applicant who has already been considered by the Company for the position.

Current regular and temporary employees cannot be referred as candidates for open positions under the Employee Referral Program.

How Do I Receive an Award?

There are three (3) steps to receiving an award through the Employee Referral Program:

I. REFERRAL -  It all starts with a referral. As indicated above, you must complete a referral form (available in the break room or download here) and submit the completed form to the HR Department.

II. INTERVIEW - The candidate you refer must have his or her first interview scheduled through the HR Department.

III. APPLICANT HIRED – The candidate you refer must be hired, and the award incentive will be given provided both you and your referral are on the Company’s active payroll, in good standing as of the date the award becomes payable. The date the award becomes payable is (180) days after your referral’s date of hire for a full-time position.

Remember, the following guidelines must be complied with in order to qualify for any Employee Referral award:

  • The HR Department must arrange the interview.
  • The referral is valid for the applied position only! To receive referral credit for future positions, employees must resubmit a new referral form for each new position.
  • The HR Department will make the final determination on eligibility for any awards under the Employee Referral Program.

There are no limits on the number of awards you can receive . . . so the more referrals you provide . . . the more potential there is for MONEY to be earned!

What Can I Win?

Newly hired employee levels are determined by the HR Department based on the following criteria:

  • Level 1  All Hourly/Non-Exempt Positions (Full-time)

Referral awards will be presented to eligible employees based on the level of the position:

  • Level 1  $500.00

Award incentives are subject to required deductions and tax withholdings. These earnings will be included in the employee’s year-end gross earnings shown on the IRS W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

The incentive awards and positions included in this plan may be modified or terminated at the Company’s discretion.

Olympia Moving & Storage is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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