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Commercial Liability

Placing a value on your company’s goods

The liability of household goods carriers operating in local or interstate commerce is based upon the customer’s (shipper) declaration of value made at the time the shipment is offered for transportation. You may either limit our liability or declare the shipment at its full value. Such election becomes a written agreement between the shipper and the carrier stating the limit of liability you want us to assume. If you do not select either option, your shipment will be released at $5.00 times the actual weight of the shipment, and charges shall be assessed at the full value protection price. For more detailed information, please download our valuation program brochure (.pdf)

Valuation Programs

These are set forth in Olympia’s Tariff and are NOT insurance. All household goods carriers are required to assume some level of liability for your shipment while in their care and custody.

Option 1: Electronic equipment such as computers and robotics not to exceed $5.00 per pound per article and all other property not to exceed 60 cents per pound per article unless a higher released value is declared.

Option 2: Shipper hereby declares the value of the shipment to be as indicated and also agrees to pay the additional valuation charge.

This option covers repairs, replacement, or full reimbursement with no depreciation. The mover will pay for the full cost of repairs if damage occurs while in our care and custody, up to the dollar amount of valuation selected. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace it or replace it with a like item if the exact item is no longer available. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced we will pay you cash based on the current replacement cost pending proof of value.

For more information, please download our valuation program brochure (.pdf).

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